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Trip #18 Approaches!

Trish Ross, MOMS Education Director, will be in Sierra Leone from April 15 until she is joined by the rest of the team on June 3.  While she is there, she will help tend the new baby in the family (Jitta and Junior’s son, born March 27).  She will also do a lot of talking with a lot of people, including Ministry of Health officials, other non-profits, staff at clinics, and our own Student Trainers, Leadership Council Members, and staff.  

On June 3, Chris McManus, MOMS President, and Cherilyn Porter, a PhD student in Science Education, will arrive.  After conducting Session 3 of the Train-the-Trainer academics, the team will travel to Blama Massaquoi in the Pujehun District to conduct the Community Health Worker training.  That will last a month.  The team will then return to the United States in mid-July, leaving a cadre of four fully trained and certified trainers.  

Our plan is to return in October, to hold more Community Health Worker classes and to start a new three-session program to train another group of trainers.  

Trip #17 was a blazing success!  

We trained trainers - four local women are 2/3 of the way through our rigorous Train-the-Trainer program.  They are:  Jitta Rogers-Seisay, Lydia Thomas, Memunatu Bindi, and Josephine Fortune.  They are excited and appreciative of this chance to advance and your help in making it all happen.  

We trained 22 new Community Health Workers.  These women are from five of the areas where we trained before.  But so many of the women we trained died of Ebola, and more have died of malaria and have retired.  So we trained several women from each of these communities to replace their sisters.  

AND, we had a Jamboree!  Over 150 of the women we have trained attended, in uniform and with banners!  Each class prepared a skit for the community and guests to enjoy and learn from.  We had two special guests:  Paramount Chief Kallon (a nurse) and Mr Jaiya from the District Medical team, with their entourages.  Both men were impressed with the women’s knowledge and acting skill  

Mr Jaiya said that the District Medical Team always knows where our Community Health Workers are working because the maternal and newborn mortality rates are so much better in those places.  If one of our CHWs moves, the statistics in her new village also improve as she begins to practice and teach what she learned from us.  

We are so proud of these women.  They work hard to apply what they learn because they care.  We are proud of ourselves, too!  We work hard, and keep learning so we can be more effective and build better relationships.  

This trip was so good.  Thank you for helping to make it happen.  Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.  We always face challenges, and knowing that people are supporting us emotionally and spiritually is vital for us.  

This trip coincided with our 10th Anniversary of working in Sierra Leone.  We had wonderful conversations with those we met first.  Good reminiscences and hope for the future.  


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What is MOMS?

Briefly, MOMS is a humanitarian, non-profit agency whose mission is to improve maternal and infant health in the poorest areas of the world. 

MOMS' teams build capacity among the women in the rural areas.  We teach the traditional birth attendants (their own choice of term) four things:

  • To be the bridge between the community and the clinic system
  • To make changes to solve women's health problems
  • To provide evidence-based maternity care
  • To teach their neighbors about women’s health needs, sanitation, and nutrition 

For more information, see the MOMS Mission pages.  


We love our volunteers.  If you are interested in being a Board member or going on a teaching trip, see our Volunteer! page.  

  • Buffy Price has made three trips with MOMS, and is looking forward to more!  She is an invaluable team member, with a great sense of humor and a gentle and crisp teaching style.  
  • Cherilyn Porter will make her first trip with MOMS in June of 2017.  That trip will be special:  The first time a grandmother-granddaughter team will work together.  And this is not just nepotism:  Cheri has a MS and has solid experience in teaching at several levels.  
  • Cordelia Hanna-Cheruiyot will make her first trip with MOMS in the Fall of 2017.  Cordelia is the founder and Executive Director of the Association for Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health in the Los Angeles Area, and has years of relevant experience.  

You can help!

If you want to work with us, see Volunteer! on this website.  If you are not able to travel to Africa, remember that we need help with social media, fundraising, grant-writing, secretarial work, research, etc.  

You can send MOMS a check, to PO Box 1656, Gualala, CA  95445.  Or you can donate electronically.  Just click this button:  

Our Accomplishments - with your support!

Since 2006, MOMS’ teams have made 17 trips to Sierra Leone, for a total of two years in-country. 

  • Initial Training:  287 women in eight cohorts
  • Continuing Education:  225 women have taken over a dozen classes
  • Helping Babies Breathe:  28 people; eight clinics supported
  • Essential Care for Every Baby:  6 people; one clinic supported
  • Gardening businesses established:  five groups
  • Palm oil business established:  eight groups
  • Clinic built, supplied, and staffed
  • Leadership Council established, and working to solve problems
  • Four new local trainers in preparation to work independently
  • MOMS Community Health Workers included in the District Medical Health Team
  • Maternal or fetal mortality related to MOMS CHW errors:  0

We have also made two trips to Uganda to teach at Kitojo Integrated Development Association.  

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