MOMS works to meet women's needs for health education and care. We prepare women selected by their communities to care for, educate, and advocate for the women of their villages.  

We place a high value on helping those in the most need.  This, almost by definition, means women and children.  Further, we believe the mark of a society’s goodness is how it treats the vulnerable - and women and babies are the most vulnerable in every society.  Experience has taught international non-profits that empowering women results in long-lasting, systemic change.  

For these reasons, MOMS prioritizes helping the most vulnerable people we can find - and Sierra Leonean women fit that description too well.

To understand some of our “theology” around this issue, read this paper presented by MOMS President, Christie McManus.  

Here is a link to an info-graphic about maternal health.  It is from WomenDeliver.org.  

The following chart gives you an overview of world need in terms of maternal mortality.  Here is the source of this information. 

Country              Mortality*    # deaths/year        Lifetime odds*

UK                         .012                   90                      1:4700
US                         .024               1000                      1:2100 
Haiti                      .3                     820                      1:93 
Sierra Leone        1.36                 2900                      1:10

* The percentage of women dying in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

** The odds that a 15-year-old girl will die of a pregnancy-related condition.   

MOMS trains women to provide practical, evidence-based care for all aspects of women’s health.  Our teaching includes nutrition, sanitation, family planning, and breastfeeding.  

Perhaps most important is the fact that we train them to be change agents.  This way, they identify and change the underlying conditions that lead to suffering and death for women and children.  

MOMS' training has made a difference.  Women and babies are alive and healthy.   

And you make it happen by supporting MOMS and these women.  Please consider volunteering to work with us or donating.  

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